Eugenio Collavini, Italy


Collavini has over 173 hectares of vineyards which are owned or managed by the estate. They sell 1,500,000 bottles annually and are in more than 40 countries. The winery is State-of-the-art with focus on eco-sustainability. Solar panels generate 70% of all energy needs and all wastewater recycled and repurposed. Collavini has a formal commitment to practices that MINIMIZE the use of pesticides and herbicides in the vineyards, and sulfites in the winery.

Investments and technology, along  with a love for Friuli and respect for  the characteristics of the fruit, place the winery today at the peak  of the territory’s production with  further space for growth and success.



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Tech Sheets (Current)

2014 Broy – 92 points

2014 Pinot Grigio Canlungo – 90 points

2015 Ribolla Gialla Turian – 92 points

2015 Ribolla Gialla Benedete

2015 Refosco Pucino

2015 T-Friulano

Non-Vintage Il Grigio Spumante




















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