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Gil Family Estates owns about 350 hectares (approximately 865 acres) of vineyards located between 700 to 850 m above sea level. While other grapes are also grown, Monastrell (also known as Mourvèdre or Mataró) is the main variety, native to Jumilla. It boasts the largest and most important production of this grape in the world.

Almost 300 acres surround the winery of Gil Family Estates and the rest are scattered in small parcels. These parcels have been acquired from farmers next to the property, in the area called “Termino de Arriba”, a favored zone for the vine cultivation. The old, unirrigated vineyards are cultivated in quite an extreme climate. In favored areas of altitude, with unique microclimates for soil, combined with a meticulous viticultural practice, all factors positively influence the final yield and level of maturation. The heterogeneity of the soils offers a great diversity of characteristics to the grapes from the different plots. Grapes are vinified separately and then assembled, obtaining wines with a wide range of nuances and organoleptic properties, resulting in very unique and distinctive wines.

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