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The grapes/organic grapes used to produce the Honoro Vera and Honoro Vera Organic wines are from various vineyards, spread across Spain and are generally located at over 2,300 feet in elevation. These various vineyards are at least over 30 years of age with little production due to the fact the vines are planted in a bed of limestone and sand. These soil beds offer very poor nutrients, which is quite ideal for this type of crop. The end results are the outstanding, award winning wines of Honoro Vera.


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Gil Family Estates Wine Catalog | January 2018

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2017 Honoro Vera Blanco | 88 points

2016 Honoro Vera Cabernet | 89 points

2017 Honoro Vera Garnacha | 90 points

2016 Honoro Vera Merlot

2017 Honoro Vera Monastrell | 90 points

2017 Honoro Vera Organic | 90 points

2017 Honoro Vera Red Blend

2017 Honoro Vera Rioja | 90 points

2017 Honoro Vera Rose

















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